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Best German cars to finance

German cars have lead the way in recent times for the premium car buyer.

Over the years German car manufacturing has become synonymous with excellence, dominating the industry and constantly impressing with each new creation. This is why at CarQuo we are always in demand for German car finance, with new and experienced drivers recognising the mechanical geniuses to come from the country. From Volkswagen and BMW to Audi an Porsche, we provide a whole suite of financial products for our customers to make use of.  

If you are considering purchasing a German car then it is important that you choose the right one for you, selecting a vehicle that will assist your lifestyle. From performance and style and comfort and spaciousness, many factors needs to be considered before choosing the right car for you.   

If you are stuck on what car to buy then we highly recommend any of the below German vehicles 

VW Golf 

The Volkswagen Golf is the epitome of the small family car, a car in which all other family hatchbacks are compared to. Combining incredible mechanics with stylish design the Golf is nothing but evolutionary, selling 29 million since it was launched in 1974. Serving to all types of drivers the Golf comes in a variety of options including the 1.2-litre petrol turbo and the fast Golf R hot hatchback. Bodystyles include three and five-door hatchbacks as well as an attractive estate, perfect for new drivers, families as well as businesspeople.  

BMW 1 Series  

As a rival to the 1 Series the BMW 1 Series is perfect for both town and motorway driving, boasting easy handling as well a fuel efficiency. Working with an all-encompassing range drivers can build the perfect BMW 1 Series from the ground up, selecting the tech features and engine that best suits their driving lifestyle. With the diesels offering low-rev flexibility and the range-topping M135i, there is certainly something for everyone.  

Audi A3 

The Audi A3 is now in its third-generation, with each relaunch reaffirming our love for the model. Showcasing sleek bodywork and a responsive engine the Audi A3 is an admirable vehicle choice, one that we are running finance quotes for on a daily basis. With Audi's culture of never making radical changes to successful versions the Audi A3 has been consistent in its delivery of excellence, only injecting the much-needed tech to modernise it. From a clean dashboard and integrated surround sound system to in-car Wi-Fi and parking sensors, the new A3 is truly exquisite.  

Mercedes A Class 

Enjoying a great deal of popularity sales for the new A Class have gone through the roof, with its sleek lines and endless engine possibilities striking a chord with UK drivers. As a stylish, premium hatchback the A class is constantly being compared to the BMW 1 Series. However, Top Gar Magazine are keen to promote the car for its distinctive qualities, writing: 

'The A-Class feels brilliantly solid and expensive – not bulky, just superbly built and cosseting. You’re isolated from the outside world to an astonishing degree. Road and wind noise are near non-existent, the A-Class hushing along like a far bigger, pricier machine. Bumps are absorbed expertly, miles are devoured with relish: as we say, just like a Merc. If you’re after a lithe, snappy rival to the BMW 1-Series, then, look elsewhere: it’s fun to drive, but in its own way. With multi-link rear suspension and quick, accurate steering, the A-Class is a nicely balanced thing to chuck about, but the front tyres run out of grip quickly and the whole experience is a bit remote.' 

If you would like a quote to finance any of the above vehicles then contact us at CarQuo today and discuss the long list of options with a member of our sales team.

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