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Car finance for the Ford Fiesta

For years the Ford Fiesta has been one of the UK's favourite and best selling cars.

The Ford Fiesta is a car that has only matured with age, with Ford constantly reimagining the exterior as well as what's under the bonnet with each and every release. Hailed as a 'sensational supermini' by What Car it is understandable why our roads are seasoned with fiestas of all the colours of the rainbow, a popular hatchback amongst drivers of all age groups looking for car finance. While sales success is not always a sign of excellence it is safe to say that with regards to the Ford Fiesta it really is, boasting a wealth of impressive features that make it a well-rounded purchase option.  

Why is the fiesta the UK's best selling car? 

Since its launch in 2008 the Ford Fiesta has remained at the top of the car sales leader-board, and if you have ever driven one you will understand why. Put plainly the car is the best small hatchback around, comprising ability and performance with easy maintenance and affordability.  

Unlike its rivals, the Ford Focus, VW PoloPeugeot 208Skoda Fabia and Vauxhall Corsa, the Ford Fiesta is a lot more maintenance friendly, boasting lower running costs and handling wear and tare incredible well. Utilising small capacity engines and turbocharging the range is great for those wanting to keep overheads low, seeking car finance that will not break the bank. 

Auto Express recommends the ECOnetic, with its low emissions being very kind on the wallet. 

'For those seeking the best possible fuel economy, the Fiesta ECOnetic fitted with the 1.5-litre TDCi diesel engine is the star turn, boasting CO2 emissions of just 82g/km and combined fuel economy of more than 85mpg. That said, be wary of overall running costs because the ECOnetic badge carries a premium, while Ford claims every diesel Fiesta is capable of more than 75mpg' The reviewers state. 

Petrol and diesel engines 

Both boasting their pros and cons petrol vs. diesel is a never-ending row, one that Ford has no business in settling. Showcasing a long list of petrol and diesel Fiestas the collection caters to all budgets and tastes. 

As with all Ford models there are a plethora of options to chose from. At CarQuo we offer car finance on the following Ford Fiesta models: 

  • Studio 

  •  Style 

  • Zetec 

  • Zetec Colour Editions 

  • ST-Line 

  • Titanium 

  • Titanium X 

  • ST 

  • ST200 

Insuring your Ford Fiesta  

Before signing for finance for your Ford Fiesta it is important that you fully understand what your chosen car will cost to run, with insurance dictating selection for many. However, with the Ford Fiesta there is good news, with the incorporation of sophisticated tech-based security instilling faith in coverage providers. While the nineties saw a huge influx of thefts of models like the ST Ford have really moved with the times, injecting security measures where possible.  

For this reason Ford Fiestas can be found in insurance Group 3, where premiums are minimal. However, these are generally at the lower end of the range with very small engines. The majority of Fiestas will be found in Group 11 and 12 while sporty models like the ST hit the 18 mark. 


Price for purchase usually starts at around £10,000, with the more extravagant the model the bigger the ticket. As a cemented favourite in Top Gear's 'reasonably priced car' it is not just the asking price that gets us excited, holding value pretty well when sat next to its competitors. 

Auto Express sees a healthy rate of depreciation, especially when assessing the newer Fiesta variants: 

'Our experts predict that the Ford Fiesta will hold onto its value reasonably well, with an estimated figure of 39.7 per cent after three years. That’s not bad at all considering it’s Britain’s best selling car – and more desirable versions like the ST will top 40 per cent' Auto Express write.  

The dashboard 

While the beauty of the exterior is unparalleled the inside is equally impressive, with a sophisticated dash echoing the sentiment of a modern-day Batmobile. Given kudos for the Sat-nav, stereo and infotainment the Fiesta control system is easy-to-use, so don’t let the number of buttons put you off. 


Like with all ranges the more you pay for your Fiesta the more impressive the dashboard becomes with the Titanium and the ST models incorporating a high-tech Sony unit. Encouraging a little more clarity Ford

Leon Hughes

Operations Director

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